Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twitter: Best Strategies for Promoting to your followers

If you have a  following on twitter right now and are trying to promote a product, site or service there are several ways I have come across. Some are ok, some horrible and some work well.

1)Repeat your tweet in the status area very frequent but you will have to alter it slightly to avoid twitters spam filter. I have heard many internet marketers saying that tweeting the same post 3 times is enough to increase CTR(clickthroughrate) but not enough to annoy your followers that only have a few followers and will see all 3 tweets in their window.

2) Use your affiliate link and product description right in the status window. This rarely works and has horrible CTR. I have used this successfully but maybe once a month and only if the product is sold through a well known and trusted e-commerce store(like amazon) and its a killer deal like 50% off. If you try to promote sales pages this way people will likely unfollow you if all you do is bombard them with sales page offers in your tweets.

3)Offer freebies and link to an opt-in page. This works well as long as you have a targeted follow list you have a killer freebie. I use this frequently and have gotten conversion rates from my total list of around 3% which is pretty good for twiiter.

4)Promote reviews and articles and link to blog then sell them there. This works well also since you are providing value upfront and does come off as being pushy.

5)Promote your Facebook account or other social media account. This works well also. A tagline that works well is "Lets expand our conversation on facebook" or "checkout the pictures of____". Once they are on your facebook account you can expose them to your offers.

Monday, November 8, 2010

13 Reasons your Facebook account will be disabled

If you are an internet marketer depending on the color of your hat you may ave run into issues with facebook suspending your account. I found a great post with some of the most common reasons for it being suspended at

Sunday, November 7, 2010

TV ads for your blog?

The majority of internet marketers are always looking to find new ways to generate traffic. They are familiar with online traffic sources like PPC, social media, search engines, ads etc.

What I don't see alot of is offline marketing on TV. Its usually only offline businesses or the government that are willing to spend the time and capital resources to promote websiteson this medium and for good reason. The price is usually pretty high even on off-peak hours at around 3am.

All of that is starting to change though with the creation of Google AdWords TV advertising. It allows you to create an actual TV ad campaign and promises to air it. You can select the hours you want to promote it in. And the best part about it is the price. For around 1200.00$ a guy recieved 102,000 impressions which converted to around 1000 clicks to his site. Check out how his video on how he did with his campaign here

I know what you are thinking. Its friggin expensive compared to a PPC campaign where you only pay for the click throughs and not the impressions. The way I look at it though its opened up a whole new world where the barriers of entry have been lowered to just about anyone with a computer.

Who knows maybe the prices will come down one day. Given the increasing time people spend online worldwide is growing every year and the amount people spend watch the TV is also increasing every year there are alot more niche markets being created. It makes people easy to target.

Google Adwords TV

Friday, October 29, 2010

Should you send social media traffic to a personal blog or a more professional blog?

I have been consuming several make money with social media books over the last couple of years and there are many theories about how best to convert the traffic to buyers. I think in general you need to:
1)Create a relationship with your potential buyers and let them know you really want to help them out and not just take their money and run.
2) Show them lots of value for their money and create the best product and buying experience possible.

It is sometimes difficult to do on social media sites like facebook and twitter. A lot of people are telling you to set up fan pages and i have been trying that with a little success. However when i tried sending everyone to a more personal blog not business blog (about 20% personal 40%review and 40% relevant posts with aff links in them) with relevant posts to my core buying audience showing them demonstartions of professionalism.  My conversions to my opt-in lists and from review posts have gone up considerably.

What are some of your strategies?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Study on how to become a top blogger

There was recently a study done in Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. They kind of confirmed what i already knew but also taught me something new. I always thought that how you come across to your audience was important in terms of positivity vs. negativity vibe. I was dead wrong. To check out the original article go here