Friday, October 29, 2010

Should you send social media traffic to a personal blog or a more professional blog?

I have been consuming several make money with social media books over the last couple of years and there are many theories about how best to convert the traffic to buyers. I think in general you need to:
1)Create a relationship with your potential buyers and let them know you really want to help them out and not just take their money and run.
2) Show them lots of value for their money and create the best product and buying experience possible.

It is sometimes difficult to do on social media sites like facebook and twitter. A lot of people are telling you to set up fan pages and i have been trying that with a little success. However when i tried sending everyone to a more personal blog not business blog (about 20% personal 40%review and 40% relevant posts with aff links in them) with relevant posts to my core buying audience showing them demonstartions of professionalism.  My conversions to my opt-in lists and from review posts have gone up considerably.

What are some of your strategies?