Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ecommerce stats by category

I was scouring the net for some solid e-commerce stats the other day and found the US-census bureau had some stats from 2008. Even though the total numbers are different the niches that make the most money won't change that much. Here's some points I gathered. If you want to check out the actual stats the pdf is here. If you are confused as what niche you can make money in; all of these niches have been proven to be making money. I would start here and find subniches in each then expand. If you want to see which countries spend the most online check out this pdf from neilsen.  You also have to take into consideration how many people actually use the net. There is a report for it  here.

Total 100% E-commerce stats 2008

Clothing &accessories

Other merchandise

(collectibles,souvenirs,auto parts,hardware,jewelery,lawn,home&garden)
Electronics &Appliances


Furniture & home furnishing

Office equipment and supplies

non merchandise receipts


Drugs and beauty aids

books and magazines

music and videos

sporting goods

toys,hobbies goods & games

computer software



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Google makes MAJOR changes to its search algorithm

From 2009
On feburary 24 last week the big G made some pretty big changes to its search algorithm. Many internet marketers in the past have speculated if google included original content as a determining factor in their search algorithm. It was a bit of a Grey area.

No more though.

They finally made the announcement last week on the official Google blog that original content will definitely be a determining factor in search rankings.

 So how will this affect you. If you have a bunch of spun articles on article directories they may get wacked. If you have one of those news aggregator sites or have a similar auto-generated site they may be affected also.

 If you have been in the internet marketing game this should be par for the course with google. They are always changing. A few years ago a lot of people got adwords slapped and lost a huge chunk of their business if they were dependent on this. During the same time period if you had a bunch of adsense sites you've probably noticed their CPC payout has gone down considerably. Paying for email may even be in our future if msn and yahoo have their way.

This is why you need to be constantly evolving as well. There still is a ton of money to made on the internet and likely will be for a long time to come. Just because you have a successful site or maybe even a couple doesn't mean you can sit on your laurels.