Friday, June 1, 2012

Internet Marketing Scam Products to Steer Clear of

I will be updating this post on a regular basis as I am getting very pissed off with all the garbage out there in the IM industry. I started this blog with 1 thing in mind. That was to create another avenue for Internet marketers to congregate and share opinions on what actually works and what doesn't. Since I started this Internet marketing thing I have had few successes and lots of failures. I have bought lots of software and non software products. Very few actually deliver on their promises. Software has given me the most headaches though.

I came across some software that was mentioned in the warrior forum that was given a good rating from a well intentioned warrior member Rhad(link to forum thread here). He gives an awesome review and breakdown of SE Nuke but later mentions Big Mikes software products.

Out of curiosity I check out Big Mikes offerings and I come across this review by Chris Elliot. Believe me he isn't selling anything in this review.

Synopsis: Stay the hell away from Big Mikes products

Have any of you bought a scam software product?

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