Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review of 5 popular kw research tools

For all of these tools I tried using in broad, phrase and exact searches just to see how accurate the data is compared to google adwords which i have found in the past to be fairly accurate when it comes to traffic numbers. Some kws I have multiple rankings for and many number 1 and 2 positions which allows me to see how accurate google traffic stats are. For these reasons I use Google Adwords as my benchmark. I have not put any links in this article as I do not want people thinking i am doing this for affiliate sales. I'm just a hard working marketer sick of all the garbage and BS out there. I just want to set the record straight.

1.Keyword Elite2 
Its garbage! It doesn't work half the time and when it does half the kws do not have the same data as google sometimes not even remotely close. the support is basically non-exsistent. All I gotta say is don't waste your time.

2.Keyword Country
The data is way off like keyword elite. Test the free trial and see for yourself at their website

3.Market Samurai
A little better than the first two but you still half to wade through many garbage kws with inaccurate data. Most data is incorrect when it comes to traffic stats. It still did find me a few good kws though.You can try free trial version with kw research tool and see for yourself

4.Micro Niche Finder
You need to get the newest version 5.7 but the data is the most accurate compared to google. The older ones like 4.6 version were not as accurate. It still is a little slow at gathering data but I normally multitask online anyways. The amount of time you lose by waiting for the program to run you will more than make up for in amount of time you would have to spend researching all those kws individually using adwords tool so I found it useful. For a 1 time payment and unlimited updates its a bargain that will save me countless hours in the future as long as it keeps working (cross my fingers as all software seems to eventually become obsolete or at least less useful). Unfortunately it doesn't have a free trial

5.Keyword Strategy Studio Pro
Great at finding unique kws that you probably won't think of that are starting to trend and great for generating keywords that have lots of commercial intent. It would be good for making keyword lists for google adwords. The biggest problem is that it doesn't do a competitive analysis  except showing google traffic stats from adwords tool. On that basis alone its not worth buying.
You can get a free trial of it and see for yourself

So overall I stuck with Micro Niche Finder. What i started doing is using Keyword Strategy Studio Pro to generate kw ideas then put them in micro niche finder to do the competitive analysis.

If you have any experiences with keyword research tools I would really like to hear you opinion on this. There are always new ones coming out and the old ones are always changing. Maybe you just had a different experience with these than me.