Sunday, April 14, 2013

SEO in the Post Apocalyptic Google Penguin and Panda

The era of link spamming is almost over. And the new era of social signals is being ushered in. Are you getting on the boat yet?

Just so you know I got hit hard in the serps last spring and even harder on older sites i own this Jan 2013. Good thing I saw this coming though. I was never really 100% sure since theres so much speculation online. I started moving away from link building and more towards paid traffic and social traffic last spring after I got nails in the serps. Overall the traffic to my collection of sites went down around 37%. Some as much as 90%.

To be fair some were more black hat experiments  with link building that did actually work. I guess Google caught up with them. But some were serious properties that I've put a lot of effort into. I have been crawling my way back since then.

what I'm doing now
You gotta mimic natural link building methods more so than ever before. The only links i pursue now are on sits directly related to my site. I start with the narrow and then get broader. Eg site about eggs then comment on sites about eggs salads, egg sandwich's for narrow and breakfast  as more broad. I'm following some of my IM idols John Robinson and Peter spaepen lead and doing more content curation and becoming more of an authoritative content curator rather than an a  mini site affiliate.

Other reasons why. Its what the biggest sites on the net are doing ie huffington post, mashable, every newspaper and magazine do it as well. They build loyal returning audiences rather than care what google wants.

Some of my newer  experiments don't use seo at all.(middle finger to google)

When it comes to SEO its all guestimation. No one noes 100% for sure and if they say so they are lying.

Its a marathon for seo now more than ever before not a race. I used to get pages to rank in top 10 within  few days now im lucky if it does within months. I'm sure there is some loophole to get around it. But it gets tiring always having to find that loophole and trying 50 diffent ways before you actually do find it. Its time for  a more time intelligent approach.

I focus on all other traffic sources but seo in the beginning. social signals and paid traffic then work on seo later

I tell myself daily you are a digital publisher not a marketer anymore. obvious marketing is a dirty word in googles eyes even though they say otherwise. I believe google is doing this because they want to maximize AdWords income since that's their primary source of income. they are trying to drive website owners to AdWords more than before.

Google is saying that users still complain about too much marketing in the serps and not enough helpful content. that may be true. I do believe in a lot of regards google is losing the war on content curation. Since that really is what they are doing.

I am still getting rankings for very long tail is still open for free web2.0's with little traffic or backlinks

I used to use spun content with article marketing for backlinks only. This concept is obsolete now. they are not being indexed by google anymore. article marketing can still work if you want to publish high quality content then get it syndicated on other sites or if someone reads the article likes it and goes to your site. But it is useless for backlinks alone. No more article spinners for me.

Paid traffic is still the best.The best bang for your buck for beginning and broke marketers is
1)email swipes
2)paid ad on related sites banners or paid reviews mentions in articles
3)ppc-you  need to be careful here. Make sure you really understand this before you invest your hard earned money. I would tell you to check out Perry marshals guide and glen Livingston's stuff. get on their lists and you'll gets tons of great free info.
4)cpm ads on social sites especially facebook
5)paid for articles from writers with big followings. then get them to promo the article they write to their followers. their followers will then go to our site. wa-la for 5$ you got an article and traffic

All free methods can be sped up by outsourcing. but if you have zero money and want the fastest method possible to get traffic then:

1)email banking_ you trade click on someones elses email list for clicks on your list
2)social media-doesn't take long to build up a following. there are tons of tools to help you with this
3)find highest traffic sites related to topics on your site and either get guest post there or comment on their articles. same with forums and videos

This all you really need. don't over complicate it

until next time