Sunday, May 19, 2013

Should The Main Page on Your Blog Be a Landing Page?

I have been testing many layouts in several of my blogs throughout the years. Some seem like clear winners but when put into other markets I end up with mixed results.

Currently I am starting to test using a Landing Page as Your main home page with a link/tab to your blog posts area.

I'm doing this so that it looks like a separate feature. Many ecommerce and affiliate sites I have seen do that. Some very success sites use do this as well. Usually people just stick with your normal blog default feature were your most current post always goes to the top and pushes older content down the page or onto another page.

The problem with this is if your niche is difficult to find post topics or you don't want to stay on the content tread mill forever. I was listening to a podcast with Peter Spaepen which is free by the way about Why not just write maybe 5-10 really high quality articles with your main message to market, put them into main categories tabs in link bar at top under header. These would be the hot topics your prospects would want to see or you can have them under tab heading like video,podcast or home page which will be your main landing page. Then have a separate blog tab.The blog area would be updated regularly when you feel like it.

The whole goal though is to use the blog area for traffic generation and then drive it from there to your main 5-10 pages.

Peter gave many examples but one that I know for sure works really well is Eben Pagan's "DoubleYourDating" site. If you get a chance check it out just to see the layout. In case you aren't familiar with it that site makes over 10 million a year Eben has claimed in the past.

I'll let you know how they convert in June.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jay Abraham's Master Mindset for all Entrepreneurs

If you have time to watch 1 video today please take them time to view this. Jay is a genius marketer and business strategist. I guarantee it will blow your mind. If you are an IM'er out for the quick buck then this isn't for you. This is a real strategy to develop a ling term sustainable business.

Post your comments below. If you have a couple of seconds please leave a comment below I'd love to hear your views on it.