Monday, September 30, 2013

Why you Should Ignore Blogger Stats

For along time now I have seen big differences in the traffic stats that the blogger platform and my google
analytics account have been showing me. Lately for whatever reason. Maybe an increase in bot activity maybe across the net or just in the blogger network but they are way off now.

You might be thinking its an anomaly or I'm doing some Dark hat linking but not at all. I have several blogger accounts and they are all showing me the same activity. You might also be thinking that maybe i forgot to hit the "Don't track my own pageviews" tab. Unfortunetly that still won't help.

This led me to find out which stats I can trust and which are a waste of time.

The short answer ignore blogger stats and just follow google analytics.

Let me explain why. I did some digging around and found that  Blogger analytics only tracks pageviews whereas google analytics uses cookie tracking . The pageview tracking will show activity for search engine indexing, bot activity, and spammer activity.G-Analytics can track real users and they can distinguish a bot.

I know this will probably be very disappointing as I have seen/read about it occurring to many others on forums and other webmaster blogs. But now that you know the truth you can fix it.